iPhone Replacement Screens Now Back In Stock!

Hantech is proud to announce we have re-stocked our high quality LCD+digitizer iPhone replacement screens. Whether you run a small scale local iPhone repair business, are thinking of adding this hot service to your list of offerings, or simply crack your own screen often enough to want to save money on the repairs, we are your local Canadian solution! Check out http://iphonemississauga.com for even more smartphone repair info.

We offer competitive volume discounts on every model of iPhone front display unit. Glass and LCD digitizer come together as one which is ideal for a fast and easy installation process and keep out dust, moisture and air bubbles once installed. Beware of lower quality, inexpensive replicas who often claim just the top glass portion of your iPhone screen can be replaced. This is rarely the case for the average consumer as removing the broken glass from the iPhone’s LCD digitizer without breaking it further is highly unlikely (ask anyone that has done it themselves, or simply check YouTube). You’ll need a steady hand and the ability to keep track of small screws if you want to successfully change your broken iPhone screen, but a good quality screen is always an excellent place to start.

Why Consider Repairing My Own iPhone Screen With Your Parts?

Good question! For the tech-savvy who are also clumsy or even a bit entrepreneurial, this can be a great skill to equip yourself with. The iPhone 5/5S/5C screen is actually easier to replace once cracked then the 4/4S. There are only four or five screws to replace and thanks to our competitive pricing and quick delivery, you can have a box of LCD/digitizers to get your phone(s) fixed or even kick-start your own part time cell phone repair business. Getting good at this repair process may require you to spend a few hours, but at the end of the day you might be able to get the job done in as little as a few minutes (check out the video below).

Interested in getting your hands on our high quality OEM replacement parts? Get in touch and we can ship the same day from our Mississauga warehouse!…